Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Feeding Swans - Herrington Country Park

I need to get out of the house and walk or cycle to keep fit, and my regular walk involves crossing the river Wear, climbing Penshaw hill, visiting the monument, and then maybe walking through Herrington Country Park.

The park is a great facility, situated on land reclaimed from the site of Herrington pit, it provides an  informal landscape with lakes, grassed areas,  an amphitheatre and various sculptures. There are always people there, walking dogs, sailing boats or feeding the birds, while the park is used for sporting and other outdoor events.

The cycling charity Sustrans is opening a Bike Hub this year, enabling novice or uncertain cyclists to practice in a safe environment.

This day the weather was pretty grim, but a brisk walk up to Penshaw soon warmed me up, and then, while strolling across the park, I saw a flight of four swans cross overhead before landing in the largest lake.

This gentleman was feeding the swans. I've seen people do that plenty times, but I've not see a wild swan take food from a person's hand before.

I also saw a man riding a bike and towing a child's trailer in which was seated a large dog; he had another dog running alongside. He was later seen sharing a scone from the park's cafe with his two pets. 

Sony NEX 6 Pentax K 28mm f3,5

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