Monday, 16 July 2012

Hexham Big Dance 2012

Big Dance is described as the UK’s biggest ever celebration of dance, with thousands of events taking place throughout the UK.

Given the weather this summer, the gods were reasonably kind, with only a limited amount of rain during the evening, not enough to spoil the proceedings!

Local schools were involved.
People were encouraged to join in.
Appalachian fiddlers Ron and Colin of the Bones Creek Band.
Step this Way Appalachian cloggers
Northumberland Pipes and clogging.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Weardale Railway Wartime Weekend

Hired steam locomotive "Wilbert" ( Rev W. Awdry) arrives at Stanhope while diesel pacer train waits in platform.
George Formby tribute artist and ENSAtainer Colin Bourdiec entertains passengers on the platform at Stanhope
Elements of the French Resistance appear with weapons ready for use.
Step This Way Appalachian Dancers Carol and Alison, with musicians Dave and Colin, get under way.
Young spectators get involved in the dancing
The audience claps along as the Step This Way Appalachian dance side doing their thing.
Having a twirl!
Canon 5DII