Tuesday, 31 March 2009

This morning on the way to work

I pass this small boat every morning, moored just down from the football stadium in Sunderland. The boat has recently received a new coat of paint. Today I noticed that patch of green moss in the foreground and felt that it made an attractive image. Canon A80.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Hendon Shore

The area to the south of Hendon had become an industrial wasteland with the decline of coal based industry. Recently substantial amounts of money have been spent on cleaning up this stretch of coastline, and, while the grass has as yet to grow, the future looks good.

My trusty steed rests against the railings. Pentax MX FP4.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Nautical Activity on the Wear

In years gone by the banks of the river would be lined with ships, but in more recent times it more often empty. This lunchtime there were three ships moored, and a yacht passing by for good measure. The ships were: -

Antare (Gibraltar)
Rusich-1 (Russian)
Elke-W (Antigua and Barbuda)

The Antare has the full attention of both of the quayside cranes.

Canon A80

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Lapwing - Cox Green Station

Two pairs of Lapwing (Peewit) were to be found performing a courtship dance above the fields near to Cox Green station yesterday morning. The most suitable lens that I had available was an old Olympus 75-150 f4 zoom, not the best bit of kit for this purpose, but I did get lucky with this shot, in that you can at least identify the type of bird involved!

Later, I heard and spotted a Lark singing alongside the path towards South Hilton. It was too high and too small for my lens to deal with.

Canon 5D

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Reflected Cranes

The Liebherr crane factory in Sunderland. Cranes reflected in a very still river Wear.

Canon A80

Sign of the times?

Seen on a Washington idustrial estate

I presume that a proportion of the workforce at the nearby recycling plant are Polish, best of luck to them!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Old Sunderland

The centre of Sunderland used to be located to the east of the present city centre, near to the docks. This area suffered a gradual decline over the years, but in more recent times many of the older buildings have been demolished and new developments have taken their place. Some of the original buildings have been restored, but most have gone, while some appear to be not long for this world.

All photos taken with a Pentax MX camera loaded with Ilford FP4 film. Click on any of them to see a larger image.

The Clarendon and Bull Lane

Henderson's Shop, did the place next door sell bicycles?

Hendon Hospital - now flats

Zion Street - In the background is Holy Trinity church, now restored as a grade 1 listed building.

 For more photos of Old Sunderland look Here

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Cycling to work

The 5th of March started with a hard frost and glorious sunshine, luckily I had my Canon A80 camera with me to capture the scene. The following day I took my proper camera, but of course the opportunity had gone!

If you look at this photo full size you should be able to make out the cormorant sitting on the floating jetty.

The ex Sunderland to Durham railway line near to Cox Green. Will it ever re-open?

Pigeon crees near Southwick

Canon A80