Sunday, 14 September 2014

Tanfield Railway September Gala

I was working on Saturday so I could only get on the Sunday, when the sun did not shine!

Several of the locos sported a sprig of  heather on their smokebox doors, something to do with a referendum perhaps?

The star of the show was the Lambton tank No. 29, brought in from the North York Moors Railway

Seen with an appropriate Lambton Worm headboard!

Leaving Andrews House station

And here's one that I took earlier, about 45 years earlier, at the Philadelphia NCB works.

Interestingly, No. 29 appears to have its chime whistle at this time. The film was probably developed in my parents' bathroom; looks like reticulation has occurred due to temperature variation in processing. Digital is so easy!

Sony NEX 6 with manual focus lenses, not sure what I used for the B&W, possibly EXA 500.

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