Sunday, 10 February 2013

Kern Morris at Whitley Bay Playhouse

Prior to the start of the folk meets street dance "The Lock In" performance, Durham based Kern Morris were invited to do a warm up act outside the theatre.  We could have done with some warmth as it was very cold, and of course quite dark, but the Morris people put on a super display. Full marks to the musicians for playing with frozen fingers!

The Lock In was great. We enjoyed all of the varied routines that we were treated to, but the supercharged traditional rapper dance was quite incredible, with unbelievable speed, energy and accuracy, and not a drop of blood spilt. I have never previously found Morris dance to be edge of seat exciting, but this was something else.  

If you get the chance, see this show! 

NEX 6 Sigma 19mm Nissin Di622 flash.

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