Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New year's Eve Ceilidh - Lanchester

Lanchester Wildlife Group organised this sell out event.

The room was too big to fill with flashlight so, for overall shots, I was forced to up the ISO and shoot without flash. Two different approaches, both using ISO 6400 and with the white balance tweaked during the RAW conversion in DPP.

1) Freeze the action 1/100th at f4 24mm

2) Allow some subject blur 1/25th at f9 again 24mm

I think that I prefer this one.

3) Using diffused flash for a closer shot ISO 1600 1/125 f8

At the halfway stage Appalachian step dancers, Step This Way, performed with local lad Colin Tipping playing the fiddle.

Canon 5DII 24-105L

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