Monday, 23 August 2010

Model Boats at Saltwell Park

The model boat club at Saltwell invited their Tynemouth colleagues over for the day, so there was a good turn out of models this Sunday. The two boats that caught my attention were both based upon local prototypes.

A small fishing boat based upon a coble style hull, I presume that the registration indicates a North Shields based vessel.

Charles Parsons' famous Turbinia, the prototype of which resides in Newcastle's Discovery museum.

Men having fun.


Kosmas Makis said...

Amazing photos with fantastic ship models. Great job.

I also have several such photos in my blog:

Heedlad said...

Thanks for looking Kosmas.

I am not into model boats, but I looked up your blog and was impressed with your model of the fishing boat, and the idea to mount a camera on it.