Saturday, 23 January 2010

Dunstanburgh and Embleton - Northumberland

It was a cold but bright day last Sunday when we drove to Craster and walked along the coast past Dunstanburgh Castle and then along the beach across Embleton Bay. At one point we encountered a stream running across the beach that was too wide/deep to be crossed wearing boots. Failing to find a bridge upstream, we decided to take off our boots and socks and wade across. I have rarely felt such pain, the water must have been just above freezing point. How people can swim in the sea during the winter is beyond me!

Part of the Whin Sill I presume, a protrusion of hard igneous rock that surfaces in these parts.

There is a collection of beach huts at Low Newton by the Sea, this one caught the sun nicely and produced a reflection in the wet sand.

Holy Trinity, Embleton Parish Church

We had intended to catch the bus back to Craster, but despite having consulted the Internet timetable to confirm its operation, there were no buses on a Sunday. We therefore walked rather further than planned!

Canon 5D 24-70L

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