Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Strange Objects at North Hylton

I pass these two objects each day as I cycle home from work. They are located behind a house that faces on to the river Wear at North Hylton. Question is, what are they?

Canon 450D Samsung 35mm f2

Since posting this piece I have met the gentleman who owns these objects and his explanation is as follows: -

1) The railed trolley was used in the maintenance of a water main that passes through a tunnel beneath the river Wear, adjacent to his house. It dates back to Victorian times.

2) The other thing is also of the Victorian era. It is a paper press, used to bale used newspapers to be returned to the mill for processing.

Both of these objects are for sale, the trolley, if I remember correctly, for £400, which I am told is the scrap value. They are to be found down by the river in North Hylton.

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